What sizes are available for Up'Swing shoes? 

Up'Swing shoes are shoes for children. Sizes range from 19 to 35. Depending on the model, the sizes available may vary, as some shoes are designed for little ones and others for bigger ones.

Where can Up'Swing shoes be delivered?


Up'Swing shoes are delivered worldwide. 

How can I exchange or return my Up'Swing shoes? 

If unfortunately the model does not fit your child correctly and they have not been worn, you can exchange or return the shoes within 30 days by contacting us directly on our Instagram, Facebook, or by email.

Are Up'Swing shoes for girls or boys? 

All models are unisex in order to promote gender equality. It is also in a slow fashion approach that Up'Swing shoes are for all children: older children can pass on their shoes to their younger brothers and sisters.

How do I clean and look after my Up'Swing shoes? 

To maintain Up'Swing shoes you can clean them with a damp cloth and leave them to dry in the open air. Please note, do not soak them completely as water could damage the material. 

Should Up'Swing shoes be waterproofed in winter? 

You can waterproof shoes made from Pinatex, Twinkle, and shoes made from recycled car seats, Hudson boots and Mini-Hudson. 

Is it possible to see, try on, or buy Up'Swing shoes elsewhere than online? 

At the moment, we are present in two shops:

 ByLMS in Toulon and l'Atelier de l'Orthopédie in Martinique. If you can't access these shops, UpSwing often participates in ethical or vegan markets. Follow us on our social media to find out about upcoming dates that might be of interest to you: we have Instagram and Facebook. You can also find Up'Swing shoes on Shanili and Meanwhile Boutique online shops.

What materials does Up'Swing use to replace animal leather? 

Up'Swing shoes use three different materials depending on the shoes and the desired result: 

Recycled polyurethane: a material that can be found everywhere and that composes our everyday objects. Very easy to recycle, it has a low ecological impact. 

Piñatex: an ecological material made from pineapple and agricultural waste. This material has a very low environmental impact. Learn more about Piñatex.  

Upcycled car seat fabric that allow us to reuse directly a material without any further transformation and makes every pair of shoe very unique.

Where are Up'Swing shoes made? 

Up'Swing shoes are made in two family-owned workshops in the region of Porto in Portugal. To find out more about how our shoes are made you can read our dedicated article "the making of Up'Swing shoes".  

Are the vegan shoes good quality? 

Children's shoes need to be very resistant to all their adventures and hours of play. Even if the materials used for vegan leather are still new and innovative, Up'Swing makes sure of their quality before offering them to you. So far we have had good feedback on the quality of our shoes. 

It is very important for us to offer you quality materials so that the shoes don't wear out too quickly and to remain in a reasoned consumption. 

What are vegan shoes?

Vegan shoes are shoes guaranteed free of animal products. You can easily identify vegan shoes with the label that the animal rights organisation PETA grants: "PETA - approved. VEGAN".

What are ethical shoes? 

Ethical shoes are shoes that are manufactured in an eco-responsible and human-friendly way. The materials used are ecological and minimise their impact on the environment. The workers have a fair wage, good working conditions, their trade union rights are respected, and no children work. 

In addition, ethical footwear are always made without materials of animal origin as this avoids unnecessary suffering and vegan leathers are much more respectful of the environment and humans.

What is vegan leather? 

Vegan leather is a leather that is not made from animal skin, but from vegetable or recycled material. Its aim is to imitate the texture and resistance of animal leather without any animal suffering.

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