Our brand and values:

Upswing is a synonym for improvement and we are living through an era that craves improvement. But this era also allows each and everyone of us to act and improve oneself and the wide world.

Each choice that we make is an action, and we want to give you the possibility to make positive, constructive choices when it comes to your children, so that you can show them the path to a blooming future for all beings.

That's why our shoes are 100% ethically made: manufactured in Portugal in good working conditions, our shoes are vegan, which means that no human or animal ever suffered to make these shoes.

Our shoes are planet-friendly because they are currently made of recycled materials, which have a far lighter print than animal leather, and we will go ahead searching for better and better materials.

All our models are unisex, because it is proved that gender-equality is something that you learn from childhood , from the toys and clothes that you are told to wear just as much as from the behaviors that your adult circle encourages in you. Providing little kids with unisex clothes is a statement that children don't have to choose between being cute OR strong, a princess OR a super hero. And that whatever they want to be, the most important thing to cherish and preserve in them is their empathy.

None of us has a magic wand to change things, but we believe that each little step can upswing the world!

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